Lego League

             CA BOCES Southern Tier FLL Qualifying Tournament  2019


Team  # & Name

 Champion’s 1st Place & Lego Cup

3289 Ellicottville Tech No Logic

Champion’s 2nd Place

16599 Ellicottville Fuzzy Logic

Robot Performance 1st Place

3289 Ellicottville Tech No Logic

Robot Performance 2nd Place

16599 Ellicottville Fuzzy Logic

Project Award 1st Place

31650 Whitesville Jay Walkers

Project Award 2nd Place

42680 Belfast City Shapers

Robot Design Award 1st Place

39356 Cuba-Rushford Rebel Robotics

Robot Design Award 2nd Place

3290 Fillmore Turbo Teslas

Core Values Award 1st Place

39354 Whitesville Miss Independence

Core Values Award 2nd Place

3288 Ellicottville Disco Bricks

Judges Award

42415 Archbishop Walsh Challengers

Bernice Pierson Award

13875 Genesee Valley Lego Jags

Advancing Team #

Team Name

1  3289

(Champion’s 1st place team): Ellicottville Tech No Logic

2  16599

(Champion’s 2nd place team):  Ellicottville Fuzzy Logic

3  3288

Ellicottville Disco Bricks

4  39356

Cuba-Rushford Rebel Robotics

5  39354

Whitesville Miss Independence

6  31650

Whitesville Jay Walkers

7  3290

Fillmore Turbo Teslas


Top 7 teams earn ACE certificates and advance to U of R Championship

(All must score in Top 75% of Robot Game Scores)  (TOP 20 TEAMS)